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XDAG RandomX Deployement

The community is happy to announce that according to the Apollo program planning, after the developer’s unremitting efforts, the new mining algorithm of XDAG is now ready. We’ll release a new version and switch to the new algorithm (RandomX) online in the near future. At the same time, the 300,000 XDAGs from the initial crowdfunding will be awarded to the relevant contributors ( ) The new algorithm will bring the following advantages to the community: 1. The new algorithm will first support CPU mining, which will solve the problem of XDAG mining fairness. 2. The new algorithm will attract more miners to join as it become easier to mine and the growing team of miners will greatly improve the stability of the XDAG network. Thank you for the support of the community members, and we wish to all of our Chinese community a happy Chinese New Year and XDAG bullishness!

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XDAG November Monthly Report

A NEW BEGINNING (FRESH START) It’s a season of new dawn and great progress for us all in XDAG community, We’re glad that gradually our strategy and plan that is engineered are beginning to actualize in real-time. Day in day out’ as a community project having large support from people who are enthusiast of this great project has been of great immense help and part of what keeps all going. We appreciate everyone support. Exchange Listing We’re glad to be listed on CoinEx as we made the official announcement of the listing on 26th of November 2020, trading activities already started with a XDAG/USDT Pair. We’ve been in top gainers on arrival : Here is the link to the announcement: » Announcement « Technical Update Our next release 0.4.0 is still in review, we really miss more dev to watch our code, the more we are, faster development will goes forward. Random X last stage is now completed, but still under review to avoid ambiguities,It will be deployed in our 0.5.0 rev. Marketing and community More marketing strategy are already in place, we will be having upcoming Community AMA Series and also more promption campaign in the future, announcements regarding this will be communicated at the right time. We worked also to update all website where our stats and metrics are displayed, so CoinmarketCap/coinguecko and coinpaprika at least should display good information now. Our community users based are increasing daily, happy to see more enthusiast are joining XDAG community, and they also have their slogan saying they are “Proudly Xdagian” we’re also proud of your continued support and contribution. Lastly this report won’t be complete without adding the most recent and informative AMA we just did in the CoinEx community, Titled “Walk into the originator of [DAG+POW] XDAG” It was a mind blowing session, kindly see the link to check out the Recap : » AMA Recap « In conclusion we are still in pursuit of bringing Unique technologies for all and making sure XDAG stand out admist all, together we can make it possible, more goodnews will still be shared in the community.

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XDAG Monthly Report

We’re Almost There! October has been a great month for XDAG community, awesome growth in our Telegram and twitter community. We’re glad to have an increased number of community supporters, it’s showing more users and prospects are getting to know and ready to adopt XDAG. We just want you to know that, we appreciate your support and commitment. Exchange Listing We’re still in talks with several exchanges so xdag can be listed, since we all know a new exchange is what all our community wants. Hopefully we get good feedback from them. Technical Update XDAG’s BIP44 universal code is 586! Thanks to the efforts of community enthusiasts, XDAG now finally has its own BIP44 cointype 586! So what is the BIP44? Why does XDAG need BIP44? To understand BIP44 we have to mention the HD wallet. Since there are so many cryptocurrencies nowadays and they are not easy to manage when one user has too many private keys, the HD wallet was created, and its function is that one master private key can generate multiple sub-private keys, that is, one HD wallet can be used to manage multiple cryptocurrency accounts and only one master private key needs to be backed up, and when the user has multiple blockchain assets (BTC, ETH, XDAG, etc.), the user can manage them in one HD wallet, this is much more convenient. BIP44 is the standard private key management protocol used by HD wallets, XDAG has now joined the BIP44 protocol with a common standard code so that HD wallets can support the management of XDAG address accounts. Obtaining this standard code will facilitate further alignment of XDAG with BTC and ETH, which has many potential benefits for the future development of XDAG: Enables multi-chain wallets to support XDAG Enables XDAG to back up private key files using mnemonics. Facilitate professional teams to manage XDAG wallet hierarchically. RandomX Random X development is done, when it is fully reviewed we are going to launch it with the next update. Briefly let talk about the “October effect” Bitcoin’s apparent effect has given more impression to still be the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and daily trading volume. Xdag also hit a new ATH price up too in the month of October, which is a very great edge for the community, we’re almost there, it’s only a matter of time XDAG adoption will surely be global. We remain committed, focused and as a community project with you all continuous support we’re going to have the XDAG of our dream.

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XDAG Monthly Report

XDAG Monthly Report At XDAG Community support makes XDAG grow stronger which we always acknowledge. We just want to assure you that we have a lot of update that will be coming as we’re cooking up great things for the project. We are not here in the space for the hype but to give solution to the existing problem in the space and which we have not deviate from. We keep our focus on and surely we make the best. In the past week the development ofXDAG had been progressive the developer are working on the product and how to make it a great success. Twitter community contests XDAG community launchs twitter daily check in activity, community members who successfully finish the activity will get 10000 XDAG each person (total 1 million XDAG, send by time sequence). Detailed rules: Send tweet daily, contents: #XDAG# day x. (x from 1 to 100) Tweets send 100 days fully. Community members who meet the requirements, share your last tweet link and XDAG wallet address to @XDAG_Community, the rewards will be sent after confirmation. JAVA IMPLEMENTATION We just recently implement XDAGJ. XDAGJ is a Java implementation of XDAG. It is rebuilt on the basis of C Version XDAG. Kindly read full details on this link: EXPLORER Xdag explorer has just been updated you can view through this link: Also the community just made a list of XDAG Wallet Rank of TOP100, you can check them out here: As you all know we offer a bleeding edge technology solution, let keep supporting xdag and we assure you that we will make you proud as the engine of cryptocurrency mass adoption is creating a big wave.

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Java Version

We’re pleased to officially announce that XDAG has now been implemented in Java, which indeed is a great call for the community, more developer are needed to support this great cause in other to help simplify the difficulty of technology advancement. Why XDAG choose Java: We want our community to experience something more different than C, we understand the power behind huge community support and we’re committed to make bigger implementation. Java works on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.) It is one of the most popular programming language in the world It is easy to learn and simple to use It also an open-source and its free It is secure, fast and powerful Java is an object oriented language which gives a clear structure to programs and allows code to be reused, lowering development costs. The above are the reason why we took advantage of the java version so our community can benefit. Lastly with the new implementation of XDAG in Java will call out for more developer to join our community. Together we can achieve a lot as a community project. Link of the repositories :

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XDAG Monthly Report

XDAG MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT We appreciate all the support, suggestions of all our community members as they keep supporting XDAG to ensure we achieve more together as a community project. XDAG Community update and progressive report are as follows: Improvement in community engagement and social media tractions In the past week, more new user’s have joined all our social media channel; telegram, Wechat, twitter, Facebook, which is a very good progressive update, we’re glad XDAG community is growing to become an household name in the crypto space. Update on Exchange listing We’re still in talk’s with several exchange and we’re hopeful about listing XDAG on one of the top tier exchange in the future. More information will be provided when the time comes. Progress on our github page We have been working on our github page and several adjustment has been made, more changes will still come Here is the Link Developer update on rocksdb Our developer team just made some refactor update on rocksdb. XDagger feature/apollo-rocksdb (#571) refactor node memory with rocksdb. 1.Reduce node memory usage 2.Cache all blockchain data on rocksdb 3.Restart in second, and fix all issues For More information visit: As more progress is been made, We’re certain that XDAG will surely have more mainstream and numerous institutional demand as it’s the first mining DAG coin and we’re on the Verge of achieving a greater success.

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