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Discord Webhook Introduction

We are now using webhooks to automatically get you the latest news from Everything new in the News section will be available in the #announcements channel on Discord. Hopefully these tools will also allow us to integrate better with other social media services.

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Dagger Fund Rewards

Dear XDAG community, please find at this link, details of our use of the community fund for the month of March 2018. We continue to work hard on the main code of XDAG to bring you a first class product and useable cryptocurrency. We would also like to announce further info regarding the recent poll which took place. Your questions are always welcome. Thanks for being a part of the community.

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Supply Reduction Poll

As a community led coin, we are proud to be able to offer each and everyone the option to participate in the most important decision to date. The development team have considered a reduction in total supply of DAGGER and we are offering everyone to make their voice heard regarding this matter in a poll. Please click the following link and cast your vote with regards to the total supply and length of time to mine XDAG.

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Xdag V0.2.1 Is Released Github: List of changes: Mac version FIXED: a new account could be created if current directory is differ from directory with executable GUI wallet: account address is copied to clipboard on doubleclick

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The Second Award Of Funds Has Been Decided

The Dagger Community is proud to inform everyone that the second award of funds has been decided. We are also proud to share with you the latest news regarding Dagger and the development plans that are currently under way. You can find the full PDF here. Thx @mathsw for all work done on this Announcement.

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Xdag V0.2.0 Is Released

Previous release version T13.895 was considered as v0.1.895. Github: List of changes: New command for pool “LastBlocks N”, where N = 0-100. Returns addresses of last N main blocks. This command is intended for improved block explorer. Now it is possible to run terminal server and pool on Windows OS. Several improvements in the GUI wallet: pool address in automatically stored/loaded it is possible to change count of mining threads without restart hashrate it is easier to copy own address now - selection does not disappear XDAG icon and some other small changes Also this release contains a lot of background “cosmetic” changes.

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