Xdag V0.2.0 Is Released


Previous release version T13.895 was considered as v0.1.895.

  1. https://github.com/XDagger/xdag/releases/tag/0.2.0
  2. Github: https://github.com/XDagger/xdag
List of changes:
  1. New command for pool “LastBlocks N”, where N = 0-100. Returns addresses of last N main blocks. This command is intended for improved block explorer.
  2. Now it is possible to run terminal server and pool on Windows OS.
  3. Several improvements in the GUI wallet:
    1. pool address in automatically stored/loaded
    2. it is possible to change count of mining threads without restart
    3. hashrate
    4. it is easier to copy own address now - selection does not disappear
    5. XDAG icon
    6. and some other small changes
  4. Also this release contains a lot of background “cosmetic” changes.


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