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First Beta Version Of Gpu Miner Is Released

Link to download Source codes GPU-miner is based on OpenCL. You need to have your account address and storage folder to use it. Most of modern video cards is applicable. Current implementation is not optimized, probably hashrate can be increased in about 80% further. My AMD Radeon R9 270x makes 240 MH/s now. Also miner supports CPU-mining. But current implementation is slower than official wallet (v845+). Currently only Windows is supported. Version for Linux is in development. If somebody wants to make version for Mac OS - you can write me. How to use: unpack archive to a folder. Copy storage folder to the folder with miner. Create .bat file with necessary launch parameters. Use it. Launch parameters: GPU benchmark: DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G -M GPU mining: DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G -a -p CPU mining: DaggerGpuMiner.exe -cpu -a -p -t N (N - is a number of threads) Different features and optional parametes: “-h” - show help you can list all available devices using parameters “-list-devices -G” by default GPU mining is performed only on the first OpenCL device. You can specify several devices using parameter “-opencl-devices 0 1 3”. Use your device numbers instead of “0 1 3”. Also use can use parameter “-d “ there is count of used devices. Also I recommend you to place “pause” command in the end of the .bat file. If you have question, suggestion or you want to participate in develpment you can write me here in PM or on email Further closest plans: get rid of storage folder rewrite logging static position for hash rate optimization of OpenCL kernel PS: if everything works fine you can support author: XDAG gKNRtSL1pUaTpzMuPMznKw49ILtP6qX3

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Xdag Block Explorer Bounty

OVERVIEW The first bounty program task is to create a block explorer. The new Dagger community website ( will be out soon, and it will include lots of information from the community regarding the Dagger project. The website will need tools in the future to let users explore Dagger, and the first tool is a block explorer. GOALS & SPECIFICATIONS Create a functioning block explorer that contains the following information: Current main block height Current network hash difficulty Ideally, an actual 2D visual representation of the DAG tree Total block count Current difficulty Coins in circulation General information by block hash or address, such as: Timestamp Block children, parents, and path to a main block Block hash for address, or address for hash Block difficulty Transaction details (amount sent to which address) It will be an advantage if you create an interpreter for the storage blocks instead of query the wallet sockets API. SPECIFICATIONS Entrants must release the block explorer as open source code, and shared on Discord for review. All submissions will be accepted and reviewed. REWARD Three winners will be nominated and receive a reward. 1st place: 5000 XDAG; 2nd place: 1500 XDAG; 3rd place: 750 XDAG. SUBMIT Submit your block explorer through Discord ( in the #technical-hq channel. The submission should contain: Link to your project A Dagger address Last submission will be accepted the 10/02/2018 .

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Version T13.838 Is In The Linux Repo.

new hashrate counting system implemented; it is more precise than the existing one; touched to: hashrate of whole network; hashrate of the node; hashrate of each miner; option ‘-a address’ added; this option allow the miner operate of this specific address instead of default one. This option is dedicated to miners who have several addresses. For example, second address incidentally appears after update. Another example: early solo miner with much of addresses. To use this option one need to know the address and have files wallet.dat, dnet_key.dat and the storage directory. Then, run $ xdag -d -m N -a address pool:port To know all addresses one need to run the program without -a option and type the command ‘account 1000’ or with larger number. Then, one can see balances of these addresses in the balance viewer. Note for early solo-miners: loading blocks could take a time, type the ‘state’ command periodically. small fixes: transfer to incorrect address forbidded; problem with rounding of smallest digit of amount fixed; files netdb*.txt updated. This update recommended for pools on the next planned maintenance. Miners can update if it is necessary.

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Update Please Your Netdb White

Pools owner! Update please your netdb-white.txt in the working folder. Here is current whitelist: The last is new my pool where I am migrating to. The address for miners will be

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Feature Of The Next Update Which Coming Soon

T13.816 work with memory is rewritten. The data is now stored in a file that is mapped to memory. This will help if there is not much memory, and the necessary memory is constantly growing. the new version can be run in parallel with the old one, if you have a powerful server, so as not to interrupt the work of the miners fixed the error with the damage of about half of the hashes. Because of this, it seemed that the complexity of the network was growing. In fact, power was reduced by half because of this error; now the pools can xfer their fees to a wallet, not being afraid to steal money from the miners; you can add pools to the white list without rebooting your pool; you can donate a certain percentage to the community fund. In this case, the option for the pool will be -P ip:port:maxminers:poolfee:reward:direct:maxipminers:donation since the last update, some more pool can be added,as dev said,20 will be running for now to test. We will collect the ask for whitelisting all this day. As watched with dev you can send demand to me via PM, we will need the locations of our pool and at least some spec like bandwitch. Answer will be given as soon as we can give, please be patient.

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New Releases Version T13.811 Avaible On The Main Website

Fixes: trouble with another address fixed (already!). If you run the program again you should obtain the same address. some rebranding done: executable renamed to xdag, xdag.exe and xdagwallet.exe prompt is xdag> now currency token is XDAG log file is xdag.log Recommended for miners.pool not concerned

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