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Xdag Community Reward Payout

The winner of the XDAG Block Explorer bounty was not difficult to determine, as only one participant shared his work publicly before the end of the contest. Discord user @rubencm#5207 has publicly released his block-explorer, based on prior work by Cheatoshin0. @rubencm’s block-explorer is available at this address: Per bounty conditions, we would like to reward @rubencm#5207 as the winner of this bounty. Cheatoshin0 will be awarded the second place reward, as without his work @rubencm#5207 wouldn’t have been able to create his explorer. As there were no other submissions, the third price will be shared between the two winners. Please have a look on the following, we reward the block explorer bounty.

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Xdag Block Explorer Bounty Rewards

After the result of the first poll regarding the payout of rewards from the community fund (, a reward value has been determined, and a list of people from these results has been created. This list was discussed publicly on Discord, and this is the final payout reward schedule is: 6345 to cheat0shin, for wallet development, block explorer 6345 to Evgeniy, for wallet development, code, first public GPU miner 6345 to dizzle, for graphics, website design 6345 to MyInvertedNip, for graphics, website design 3525 to true, for first public CPU miner improvement, code, general assistance 3525 to rubencm, for pool support, code, general assistance 2115 to Sofar, for Discord maintenance, general assistance 2115 to AnotherYou, for pool support, general assistance 705 to SlickRick, for graphics help 705 to Qriptau, for graphics help 705 to Oseru, for graphics help 705 to mathsw, for general assistance 705 to Khaak, for maintaining the unofficial forum 705 to cyan_inf, for maintaining the Facebook account 705 to yobo, for general support TOTAL: 41595 XDAG Current Community Fund: 206550 XDAG Please take 2 seconde to make this rapid poll regarding the payout of reward from the community fund:

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Dagger Community Reward Poll

This poll has been formed to determine if community funds, collected to the community address from voluntary pool fees, should be distributed to members of the community who have produced, created, or improved community resources which further grow Dagger or secure the XDAG network. Rewards will be given for completed tasks such as: The creation and upkeep of the community website Improved miners, from improved CPU miners to new GPU miners Public outreach and support This reward is intended for recipients who have publicly released their work, without a community benefit arrangement prior to close of this poll, such as from direct developer payments or bounties. This reward is not intended as payment for any future work, including but not limited to wallet improvement, website upkeep, or release of code after the close of this poll. The community XDAG address of FQglVQtb60vQv2DOWEUL7yh3smtj7g1s contains the funds to be distributed. All collected funds are voluntary. At the time of this poll, the balance exceeds 113300 XDAG. After finalization of this poll, a new yes/no poll will be created with a list of recipients, accomplishments, and reward values. Upon agreement with this first poll, and finalization of this second poll, payouts will commence. Thank you for being a part of the community, and taking your time to respond to this poll. Please take the time to reply to this new poll . This one is about the use of the community fund.==>

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What Tool To Use To Make Poll

Are you agreed to use this tool to make poll to start to manage our community? Please take 2 seconde to reply to this one.

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Our Fresh New Website

Please @everyone have a look on our fresh new website, just for the community: Thanks a lot to @MyInvertedNip who help us to build it, and thanx to all the others people who have been involved by any way they can. First real step for us, we are now able to be more organized . Please spread this as much as you can on social media.

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